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Each Team is made up of 3 teams; the offensive, the defensive and the specials.

Offensive Team and Scoring.
The offensive team are on the field when the team have possession of the ball and their main objective is to get the ball down the field to the end zone and score a touchdown in as few 'plays' as possible covering as much yardage as possible in each play. The Quarterback is on the offensive team, his main job is call plays and find openings down field with his team mates to get the ball as far and as safely as possible. Each play has 4 downs. Every time the offensive team successfully completes a play it goes back to 1st down. The current down is displayed with an arrow on screen with a number following it. A 1st down is always "1st&10" this means that they have to gain 10 yards towards the end zone to earn another 1st down. they must successfully make contact (with say a knee) with the ground without dropping the ball, if they drop the ball before they've hit the ground the ball is "live" and the offensive team must pick it up before the defensive team does or it will cause a turnover (turnovers will be explained more under defensive team). If they only gain 5 yards, for example, then it becomes 2nd down and as they still have 5 yards to gain before a 1st down then it becomes "2nd&5". If they don't manage all 5 yards then it becomes 3rd down and so on. On 4th down they can either continue and try and get a 1st down, attempt a field goal (which brings on the specials team) or make a punt and kick the ball up field towards the end zone they are scoring in in an attempt to make the distance the other team has to travel to make a touchdown as long as possible. If the offensive team makes a successful play and the ball is either caught by one of their players in the end zone or one of their plays successfully runs into the end zone then the team scores a touchdown which earns them 6 points.

Once a team has scored a touchdown they have the chance of a conversion that can be played in two ways. They can try for another touchdown which earns the team a two point conversion, meaning their touchdown is now worth 8 points or a kick conversion which earns the team a one point conversion and makes their touchdown worth 7. Unless a team is desperate to increase their lead or feeling particularly confident and comfortable with the lead they already had most will choose to take the kick over the touchdown conversion as it is far easier to score. This ends play and typically means possession goes to the other team. 

To score a field goal the kicker must kick the ball from wherever the last play ended through the veritcal bars in the end zone. If this is done without the defensive team blocking the ball then the team scores 3 points. This ends play and typically means possession goes to the other team. 

To determine how far up the field the other team will have to travel with the ball to score a touchdown the team who previously have possession will kick the ball down field as far as possible. If the team about to take possession catch the ball within the endzone or the 20 yards before the end zone they can drop a knee to ground meaning the accept to start at the 20 yard point (this is 80 yards from the end zone they score into) or begin running. The team who kicked the ball will then try and stop the catcher as quickly as possible so the offensive team will have to travel as far as possible to score. To start from the distance they make when running they must successfully make contact (with say a knee) with the ground without dropping the ball, like with successfully completing a play and earning a first down. If they catch the ball further up field than the 20 yard line they can either take a knee and say they want to start from there, or again, begin running. If the team that kicked the ball catch it then they have possession and again can begin running back up field to make the distance to the end zone as close as possible. This is normally down by using a short, across field kick rather than a long down field one. 

Defensive Team and Turnovers

The main objective of the defensive team is to defend their endzone and prevent the other from scoring. They can do this in several ways:
They can sack the quarterback to the ground preventing him from passing the ball and normally making the next down longer than that one as the quarterback is generally 5 yards behind the point of play. 
They can sack the receiver (person who receives the pass from the quarterback) meaning that the point they hit the ground is the new point of play. The sooner they do this the better. If they do it before the yardage that earns a 1st down for the offensive team then they cause a 2nd down (or 3rd or whatever they were up to).
They can stop the catch by hitting the ball and making the play in complete or, if they catch the ball themselves they will start running towards their own scoring end zone as they will have caused a turnover and gained possession. 
If the ball is dropped before the receiver has hit the ground the ball is still live and if the defensive team can pick it up and turnover possession. To make this as advantageous as possible they, like with a stealing catch must begin running towards their own scoring end zone. Wherever they drop to the ground is where play for the offensive team begins. If they make it all the way to the end zone, it is a touchdown.

Most common illegal plays/fouls
These are the most likely illegal moves you will see in a game.
Holding - Preventing a player of the opposite team from moving during play by gripping their arms or shirt for prolonged periods of time. 
False Start - A player moving before the snap. 
Off side - Player in an illegal position during play.
Unnecessary Roughness - A tackle or injury of a player not relevant to the play. E.g. sacking or head butting a player to the ground when neither of you have possession. 
And I can't remember the term for this one but it is an illegal move to have your hand in the face guard of another player. 
Illegal plays/fouls normally result in creating a first down or shortening yardage if the offending player is on the defensive team or increasing yardage (normally by another 10 yards) if it is a player on the offensive team who committed the foul. 

Other things to know
The game is in 4 quarters. Each quarter lasts 15 minutes but the game clock stops whenever the ball isn't in play.
Each team has 3 time outs per half.
Penalties are "flagged" by one of the refereeing team throwing a yellow flag onto the field at roughly the point the penalty happened. 
Coaches can query a referee decision by throwing flags (normally in their team colours) onto the field. The referee will then go and watch the instant replay under the hood. He has 1 minute to reach a decision but can stay under longer if he is going to overturn the decision in order to adjust the game clock and work out where this means the ball is in play from when play resumes. The referee is on mic so he will explain his decision when he comes back onto field. 
If the referee overturns the decision after a coach asks for review then the team do not lose a time out. If after review the referee sticks to his original decision then the team will lose one. 
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16 July 2010 @ 12:02 am

01:00 @badingding haha it is but not a single one of their albums has sounded like another. They like to mix it up #

01:02 So pretty! Must remember and put them all out before bed though twitpic.com/25c60s #

12:16 @courterz I have voted again, retweeted and put it on my fb :) x #

12:17 @courterz You've got double the amount of votes as second place I'm impressed haha #

12:18 @courterz well a bit less than double but still impressive lol #

13:35 There is nothing on tv. Recess film on disney cinemagic it it. God I'm cool #

14:33 Catching up on Neighbours now. While I do that you should all go to www.skindividual.co.uk and vote for C O U R T N E Y H I C K S ta #

14:57 Coffee is required #

15:26 @tworal Congrats! xx #

16:02 -sigh- work in an hour I guess I should probably get ready #

16:06 @courterz I have discovered it seems to let you vote again after a few hours so people should be able to vote few times a day! #

16:07 Could you sound more like a spoilt brat if you tried? #

16:12 @courterz Haha no worries. Noticed by accident but its helpful to know :) #

16:23 Right I'm gonna go. Speak laters xxxxxxx #

20:33 @tworal ahhhh just read the b ray quote made me smile :D #

21:12 The Silence gets more and more fucked up with each episode #

21:17 omg @courterz 550 votes look at you go haha #

21:21 @toriachels huh? lol #

21:22 @courterz Haha I dont think you will at this rate. Whens the voting deadline? #

21:25 @toriachels Hahaha I did wonder. Its ok! Bless ya x #

21:25 @badingding oh I hate people like that. I Keep getting judged by people from school cos theyve graduated and I havent yet #

21:26 @badingding and a degree really doesnt make people better than others. Hate that attitude. #

21:31 @badingding Exactly! They need to get over themselves especially atm cos tbh you're less likely to get a job with a degree #

21:34 @courterz Ahhh thats quite a while yet! Nooo they wont. I wont let them beat you! x #

21:38 @badingding That's ridiculous! Grrr bloody people! #

21:38 @courterz I won't I'm currently badgering all my university friends to vote :) #

21:43 @fawnaimer :) FOR REAL? Hahaha #

21:47 @courterz I will! I'm gonna ring my mother and make her do it on my aunties laptop. Thats how much I want you to win haha #

21:48 @fawnaimer Oh my god thats made my day! Hahaha #

21:49 Ahhhh Trace being sued by the rest of Metro. LOVE it! #

21:52 @loranlily For slander of the band and because they have a company set up in the bands name and as president of it hes refusing the others #

21:53 @loranlily access to it and the money involved. So it will make him lose entitlement to that too. Its all a bit pathetic but sorta deserved #

21:53 @fawnaimer me either. i think I might need to refollow trace for the public tantrums #

21:54 @sazmi For slander of the band and because they have a company set up in the bands name and as president of it hes refusing the others #

21:54 @sazmi access to it and the money involved. So it will make him lose entitlement to that too. Its all a bit pathetic but sorta deserved #

21:54 @loranlily I know couldn't happen to a nicer person tbh #

21:54 @JBandTraceCyrus Its still funny as hell #

21:56 @fawnaimer Hahaha I'll just enjoy giving him abuse for all the brain dead tweets #

21:57 @sazmi He needs a slap of some sort. He's always been a dick. The band were awesome to hang out with if he wasnt about lol #

21:59 @sazmi yeah theyre not really doing all that well as a family. Billy Ray is a darling. As for his spawn... lol #

22:01 @sazmi Yup pretty much what it was like! He used to make Mason so miserable too which I hated him for haha. Yeah tunes are <3 #

22:02 @fawnaimer Ohhh no! I'll run off and tell my homeboy flakey if he does! #

22:04 @sazmi God yes! Mason hugs are amazing! Haha #

22:08 Y'know all this is making me miss @themasonmusso hugs. #

22:08 Right I'm gonna eat, watch waterloo road on sky + and then lighten my hair. Possible gingerness for a few days :( lol #

22:12 @sazmi Hahaha its ok. Any excuse to miss him tbh #

22:16 @sazmi LOL me and @tomfelton would make pretty attractive ginger twins tbh. New Weasleys ;) #

22:17 @fawnaimer now THAT is a plan! haha #

22:43 Ok bit concerned that my head feels on fire #

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15 July 2010 @ 12:02 am

00:05 @fawnaimer @badingding facebook does that too. Basically no where deletes your info. Ever. #

12:24 It's been years since I've said this instantly about a mcfly song but omg I love it #

12:25 And hahaha at all the 'die hard' fans now sulking #

12:28 @badingding because it's quite an electro back track they don't like it to be different #

15:24 Suppose I better get ready for work. Urgh #

15:30 @Aimee90 they sounded nothing like jls #

18:45 @courterz voted for you :) when I get home I'll get others to do it :) x #

18:46 www.skindividual.co.uk/tabContent/tabFinalists.php vote Courtney hicks pls and thanks #

18:57 Right best go do the last bit of my shift *sigh* #

21:53 I love sky plus I really do but it's annoying that I can't watch something when 2 things are recording! #

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14 July 2010 @ 12:01 am

11:54 @courterz yeah but a jedward tour would entertaining mcflys will be the same crap with a few new songs lol  #

17:04 Yay new hair soon. Mummys paying! #

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13 July 2010 @ 12:02 am

21:02 Oh look theyve thought of a SOCIAL NETWORK. Wow Mcfly. Genius. No one's ever thought of one of those before. #

21:04 Watching the silence... I hope I dont end up freaked out haha #

21:06 Awww my big brothers buying me fish and chips #

21:07 @badingding Hahaha they think they're the dogs bollocks #

21:15 @badingding Indeed. And knowing them I bet it will a) cost money and b) they'll use it for like 2 months and forget about it always #

22:11 "He's a sex genius" #

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12 July 2010 @ 12:02 am

06:25 Up for Alton towers. Gemma is washing Stuarts hair and sophie is trying to pin her top and failing so funny #

07:50 In the carrrrr! Woooooo :) #

08:58 Just been to the services. Next stop Alton towers! #

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11 July 2010 @ 12:02 am

19:07 God I've been busy today! Already done a shift, been shopping with ash and dinner with ry and I'm not done! #

19:09 Now on the bus to meet gem and soph to go to sarahs for a party then back to gems to meet Stuart, then early night so the 4 of us cos it's #

19:10 Alton towers in the morning wooooop! #

21:53 About to get a manicure at sarahs woooo #

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10 July 2010 @ 12:02 am

10:39 Yesterday was proper lovely. Rob and Kirsten came over and we chilled in the garden, went for a drive then dinner at Ash's before they left #

10:39 Was sooo good to see them it was there hadn't been 6 weeks since was last saw each other. AND I get to see them again in two weeks :D :D #

10:46 @BethanyTimmsx Yeah much better actually thanks hun :) xxx #

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09 July 2010 @ 12:02 am

00:04 @BethanyTimmsx Happy Birthday :) Have a really lovely day sweetie xxx #

10:22 I am far too excited for Rob and kirsten to get here. It's so lame but arrrgh <3 my tange family #

10:50 Fail fail fail. My tweets from my phone arent showing up #

12:09 I don't often open the blinds of my bedroom window... Here's why WHAT A VIEW.... twitpic.com/23fu7t #

12:52 @badingding Haha very true #

12:53 Well they're letting me graduate... with a third, all that fucking work and effort and you give me that cos I was ILL?! #

12:56 @courterz I know its still a degree but its just, what am I gonna do with that? It looks like I didnt do any work to employers #

12:58 @courterz I dont think I can appeal. Graduations in like 2 weeks and theres no info on appealing it #

13:02 @badingding Ahhh yeah could be a lot worse I guess haha #

13:20 @courterz Hopefully, on Sunday its a year since I was assaulted and I'm a bit like "can anything else crap happen in this 12 months?" #

13:23 @courterz you're not that bad at advice and anyway you've normally got a silly story to tell me that cheers me up which is much better tbh! #

13:26 Can't stop listening to Olly's new song. Its cheering me up #

13:33 @courterz What the tesco dates have they released them yet? #

13:36 If you're going to go to the Cambridge Jedward signing jsyk Bar Hill is actually in the middle of nowhere & not easy to get to without a car #

13:39 @courterz they would have one 20 minutes drive from me on a day I'm working psssht. I could have even pulled the staff card cos my #

13:40 @courterz friends an entertainment manager at Bar Hill now. #

13:42 @courterz I think I'm only working in the morning actually but there's no point going after the queue will be insane lol #

13:43 Rob and Kirsten need to hurry up I think I'm irritating my mum with all my bouncing about. I want Rob hugs lol #

13:46 @courterz Ahh they're fairly relaxed with it. You just queue up no need for wristbands or anything. Whether you get pics depends on security #

13:46 @courterz If they use their instore security you probably can if they get people in probably not. #

13:49 @courterz hahaha don't we all! #

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08 July 2010 @ 12:02 am

01:10 Sleep times. Eee rob is visiting on Thursday. I miss him big timez #

18:50 Tumblr stop being a knob #

22:42 I am FAR too excited to see Rob and Kirsten tomorrow. It's been about 5 weeks and it feels like 10 years haha #

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